Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Woah we must be dreaming, because it's already the 9th year of 1305 

Gallery's annual Holiday Gift-Art Exhibition: YULETIDE 2013::::

Show opens Final Friday, otherwise known as Black Friday, also commonly referred to as the Friday after Thanksgiving with paper chains and wrapping paper abounding! Hours are 10-10 that day (November 29th) and continue Tuesdays- Sundays: 12-7  through January 5th.


This year's fabulous group of gift-arty people include but are not limited to: The Cincy 
Craft Cartel, Katie Swartz, Laura Bruce, Richard Fruth, Jenifer Sult, Sara Mulhauser, Lily Mulberry, Jackie Mulberry, Lori Larusso, Hark+Hark, Kelly Frigard, Sarah Miller, & Laura Brooks.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kelly Frigard's "Tale" at 1305 Gallery


new work by Kelly Frigard

October 25th- November 24th

Opening Final Friday, October 25th from 6- 11pm with a catered reception that evening. Regular Gallery Hours: Tuesday- Saturday 12-4

We openly welcome back Ms. Kelly Frigard and her completely handmade fiber sculpture. This will be her 3rd show at 1305, and her pieces are always perfect this time of year. They have a magical living warmth imbued in every thread that immediately passes to the viewer. To say they are special and full of an intuitive natural sort of care in their production is an understatement.

Frigard's work done on sabbatical from U.C. Clermont showcases a combination of fiber skills that draw from many sources of education, including study abroad in Scandinavia working with raw wool felting and other media. The pieces attached showcase hand dying, felting, embroidery, stitching, stuffing, and the flowers are hand dyed, felted, and stitched. 

Come to 1305 to let Kelly Frigard tell you a "Tale" of the skill of the hand of a fiber artist, through woodland characters that come to life under the needle and before the eye of the viewer.

See you soon,

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Intercept: Kirk Mayhew @ 1305

Opening Final Friday, August 30th, with an artist reception that evening from 6-11 pm is:


New Work by Kirk Mayhew

August 30th- September 22nd

Gallery Hours Thurs- Sun: 12-4 & by appointment

2013 has been a year of great exhibitions at 1305 Gallery, and we start the fall season off with yet another. Kirk Mayhew had one of the first shows 1305 hosted back in 2005, so revisiting his work has been a long time coming. In between then and now Mr. Mayhew has continued to be a prolific and often unpredictable ceramic artist, pushing the boundaries of his medium as well as working outside of it completely in solo and collaborative projects. He is and has been a beloved teacher to many, and is the type of artist that will never say no to a creative challenge. So once again he tackles putting together an exhibition of 3-D work in the small and streamlined 1305 Gallery space.

Intercept is a group of new work that explores very timely questions of identity and conformity within the context of self-publication. We all live with a duality in our contemporary social environment where the lines between who we really are and who others perceive us to be are constantly being blurred. While throughout the history of civilization success has often come to those who can paint the best picture of themselves, rather than necessarily to those most deserving, painting that picture has come to trump all other lines of advance. The often beguiled yet beloved avenue of social media has become increasingly difficult to separate from that of the media as we used to know it- television, newspapers, radio, etc. Our lives are immediately published. We are derided for our mistakes the minute we make them. Success comes to those who navigate this streaming world with the most deft and cunning, and their rewards are swiftly delivered.

Just as we are inclined to render language and reality down to the fewest words and characters, Mayhew uses clay and mixed media to create intensely hewn scenes containing the basic elements of our daily lives. The earthiness and immediacy of the clay allows for the artist to remind us that somewhere underneath it all we are human beings, messy masses of things that are more than our social constructs. Mayhew juxtaposes clean-edged, processed, manmade materials in many of the pieces with the clay to bring us to this intercept. Often the work just represents pieces of life, pieces of man, bricks that are pieces of buildings, a glimpse at what we really are and the struggles we face. 

In the end are we struggling harder to live and live well, or to save face and reputation in a world we see more often than not through a digital screen?

Come see for yourself and talk to the artist, while enjoying great food and company on Main Street this Final Friday.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Fruth's "Not That Simple" @1305

Opening Final Friday, May 31st, with an Artist Reception that evening from 6-11 pm is:

Not That Simple

new sculpture by
Rich Fruth

May 31st- June 23rd, 2013

Gallery Hours, Tues- Sat: 12-4

Local sculptor Rich Fruth has been an educator, a hard working Cincinnati artist, and a friend to 1305 Gallery for years. We are so pleased to finally have an exhibition of his deft and lovely sculptural work. 

The otherwordly landscapes and orbs Fruth crafts from mostly wood and bronze appear at first as funny and oddly placed road stops in some vintage tableau of the future. Showing us floating chunks of earth and its sparse, displaced inhabitants after some great epoch. A constrained but often bright palette, smoothed wood surfaces inhabited by crude bronze figures, and the tense, clenched gesture at gravity and the abyss beyond signify Fruth's more well known work.

In some of the newer pieces in Not That Simple, Fruth adds more abstract, geometric, and raw wood compositional elements. Answers to the questions posed by the figures in their narrative little ephemeres are not so easily derived. The fear of loneliness and abandon juxtaposed against an apathy toward survival and frustration with the living are now revived themes. There is something more to this dark comedy, something the new compositional elements aid in giving ground to. Strangely these often compass-like elements due more to confuse what role gravity should play in Fruth's work, while helping to suspend and prolong the often perilous scenes.

Come out this Final Friday to meet the artist and enjoy our continued celebration of eight great years at 1305 Main Street. This is yet another "don't miss" exhibition!

Closing Soiree & Artist Talk with Michael Stillion

Sunday, May 26th 2013, join us for an artist talk and mimosas on the last day of "Squall." Yet another great exhibition of Michael's awesome work comes to a close!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Squall:" Michael Stillion @ 1305

April 26th- May 26th

Fragment, Red 1
oil on canvas, 14" x 16", 2013

After only 24 hours in the air, a squall line knocked the Shenandoah Zeppelin out of the sky and scattered it across the hills of Noble County, Ohio in 1925. This brief and minimally tragic event is to this day memorialized in cities like Ava, Ohio where you can visit roadside attractions such as the Shenandoah Memorial Trailer, and Wreckage Site Number 3. It is the tendency of people in small or remote towns to memorialize bits of their history with a fervor and enthusiasm that outweigh the events and towns themselves. 
Fragment, Buffoon 1
oil on canvas, 14" x 16", 2013

In Squall, Michael Stillion's third exhibition at 1305 Gallery, the artist relates to the act of creating history, mythology, and mystery from fragments of things left behind and the chatter which these objects still perpetuate. While endowing swathes of clothing or bits of an armature with a power borrowed from the rich compositions of old master portraiture, rags drape figures in the artist's work that while hidden and muted cry out raucously. Whether detailed in colors and forms on canvas or assembled paper constructs, the works belie the feelings of fear, winsome comedy, and struggle that ultimately come from not wanting to be forgotten.

Stillion's use of vivid color and his deft, seemingly innate knowledge of how to apply paint to canvas endow his subjects with reanimated new life. He lends this same approach to his cut-paper collages, working with swatches of colored paper as though they were pieces of the myriad reflection of the final image. There is personality and humor hidden in the mystery, and like the way collected objects take on the attributes of the collector and vice versa, over the years we have seen both the artist and the work transformed. Squall hints at magic in it's storytelling, like a puppet that suddenly gains form and begins to dance, or sunlight revealing folds and color in a washed out sheet hung on the line.

Join us this Final Friday for a catered reception with the artist whose work we graciously welcome back to 1305's walls.
For more information about the artist please visit his website: www.michaelstillion.com

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Images from Sara Pearce's "Sporting" Series

Hello! These new beauties will be in the RolePlay show:

© Sarah Pearce, 2013


mixed-media collage: vintage print, map (U.S. Geological Survey) and illustrations (Woman's World, 1922; Architectural Forum, 1960); ink, watercolor, marker; archival mat board. Framed with conservation glass for UV protection.
17.5" x 8.75"

Helena Always Hooked the Big Ones

mixed-media collage: antique illustration (Peterson's Magazine); vintage prints and map (U.S. Geological Survey); recycled greeting card, wrapping paper and children's book proof; hand-marbled paper; ink, watercolor, marker; archival mat board. Framed with conservation glass for UV protection.
18" x 9"

Leader of The Pack

mixed-media collage: antique illustrations (Peterson's Magazine); vintage prints and map (U.S. Geological Survey); handmade paper; ink, watercolor, marker; archival mat board. Framed with conservation glass for UV protection.
18" x 9"

The Twins Glided Around Hugo in Precise Circles

mixed-media collage:antique illustrations (Peterson's Magazine); vintage print and map (U.S. Geological Survey); recycled catalog cover, children's book proof, and tissue papers; ink, watercolor and acrylic paint, marker; acrylic matte medium image transfers (Popular Educator: Vols. 2 & 3, 1884); archival mat board. Framed with conservation glass for UV protection.
19" x 10" 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sara Pearce: "RolePlay" @1305

Geoffrey Believed the Maxim That “The Ability to Accessorize Is What Separates Us From the Animals”

mixed-media collage by Sara Pearce, 2012
antique photograph, album page and illustrations (The Delineator; Godey’s Lady’s Book); 
vintage rhinestone button from the collection of Polly Pearce, recycled bead catalog;
ink, marker, watercolor. Framed in an antique frame, with conservation glass for UV protection.
6" x 8.25"

Opening Final Friday, March 29th with a a reception from 6-11 pm that evening is:


new collages by Sara Pearce

Exhibition runs through April 21st, with regular gallery hours Thursday- Sunday: 12-4 pm.

David Always Wore Pearls for Formal Portraits

mixed-media collage by Sara Pearce, 2012
antique photograph, album page and illustration (Delineator,  March 1893); 
recycled bead and jewelry catalogs; ink, marker. Framed in an antique
frame, with conservation glass for UV protection.
6.5" x 9"

It was kismet- Sara Pearce said yes to having a show at 1305 this year! I thought, "how very perfect to have her work here." I have had a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Sara Pearce for years. Her relatively recent foray into creating visual art, making stunning collages from her impressive collection of vintage and antique paper, now gives me the opportunity to write about her. How very daunting!

If you are a patron of the arts in Cincinnati and haven't seen one of Pearce's pieces it's long past time that you did. She has dutifully documented much of her process and her publicity on her website http://www.paperwithapast.com, with links there to her blog which she posts in almost daily, if you need to catch up. A self-described frenetic personality, Pearce is as prolific at creating works of art as she is precise. Perhaps some of the profusion gains inertia from the artist's media: a vast and organized collection principally ofpaper

The collages, which she mostly will label as "mixed media," demand long labels to hold not just the clever and often wordy titles, but also to reference the publication or printed document from which each element owes its origin. Often very little of the piece is anything else other than meticulously cut and arranged original paper imagery or text. The artist will lend just a little watercolor, ink, or marker to many of the pieces in this exhibition, as well the occasional vintage rhinestone button. Ever present in the compositions is Ms. Pearce's wit, sensitivity to historic notions and objects, ability to point out our cultural fallacies, and a terrific eye for the fantastic. 

Come see RolePlay for a look into Sara Pearce's  pieces exploring contemporary and historical notions of gender, equality, and the ever-raging battle of the sexes. Check out Sara's website for additional images and info!

Charles Wondered Whether the Sleeves Were a Bit Much

mixed-media collage by Sara Pearce, 2012
antique photograph (photographer: Dana, 14th St. & 6th Ave., New York, NY),
album page and illustration (Delineator, Dec. 1895); ink, watercolor, marker.
Framed in an antique frame, with conservation glass for UV protection.
7.25" x 9.25"

Richard Felt Most Comfortable Cross Dressing in the Privacy of His Study

mixed-media collage by Sara Pearce, 2012
antique photograph, album page and illustrations (The Ladies World, Nov. 1895 & Oct. 1895; 
Delineator, June 1898, July 1899, Aug. 1899 & Sept. 1904); ink, marker, watercolor. 
Framed in an antique frame, with conservation glass for UV protection.
4" x 7"