Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Confluence stays up 'til November 14th!

Come by the gallery this Final Friday for another chance to meet Rich and see his work! Costumes are welcome as it will be one ghoulish night in OTR!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Confluence @ 1305


new work in sound and shape by

Rich Bitting

The natural soundscape is rich with color and nuance beyond imagination. It is from this sonic metaworld that I draw inspiration for my projects.

The human perception of sound has a relationship with the other senses. As I grew to appreciate this relationship between the senses, I began to realize that my musical scores—the physical scores themselves—could serve not only as performance directions, they could convey meaning as visual art in their own right. Visual art—painting, sculpture, etc.—has its own way of expressing rhythms and harmonies. I have created separate works in both visual and sonic media that are representations of these same, intangible ideas.

As a species, we have evolved to rely primarily on our sense of sight. Our brains have evolved to edit our soundscapes, to filter out “perceived” background “noise” and to process only that sound we deem necessary as information. I invite you to close your eyes, open your mind, and listen to the world through fresh ears.

-Rich Bitting 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Drawamalgs @ 1305

Opening Final Friday, August 28th is Drawamalgs, new work by David Jarred.

The exhibition continues through September 19th, with an opening reception on Final Friday, August 28th from 6-11 pm.
Drawamalgs showcases the intriguing visual language of local artist David Jarred, who brings his intuitively generated shapes and forms into focus at 1305 Gallery. His subjects are both recognizable and instantly strange, like deja vu or a visit to some lost place from your childhood. Architectural and mechanical forms saturate our daily lives in contemporary society, the digesting of this landscape ever apparent in Jarred's amalgamations or Drawamalgs. The artist's personality and aesthetic are the filter through which the almagamation takes place, therefore allowing these aspects of himself to be reflected in the work.

Come meet the artist and see the work on Final Friday!
We'll be here from 6-11 that night with food and friends! Regular gallery hours resume for the run of the show: Tues-Sat/ 11-3.

See you soon!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Systems @ 1305

Opening Final Friday, May 29th with a catered reception that evening from 6-11 pm is Systems, new work by Mindy Kober. The exhibition runs through Saturday, June 20th with normal gallery hours Tuesday through Saturday, 11-3 pm.

Mindy Kober brings a series of gouache paintings on paper to 1305 next month, arriving straight from Houston where she lives and works. With them come a range of themes and influences. They could be described as juxtaposed cartoons, out of context environments, or colorful commentary, and you still would only be skating the surface of the work. These surfaces are brightly colored illustrations on paper, manipulating popular iconic American imagery by forcing it into unfamiliar or ironic settings. Often as a viewer Kober's paintings lure you in as simple, fun, and bright scenes that are easily digested. It takes longer examination to see the motives behind the juxtapositions and relationships in the work, which belie political commentary and themes like catastrophe, war, destructive children, and nationalism.

You can meet the artist for one night only on Final Friday, May 29th from 6-11 pm, when she'll be visiting from her home in Texas. You can see the work anytime through June 20th, so make sure you stop in soon!


Lily Mulberry, Director
1305 Gallery
1305 Main St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Thursday, April 30, 2009

hit list

Hit List is a look back at some of the most memorable exhibitions in 1305 Gallery's 4 years of operation, celebrating the 4th anniversary of shows on April 24th, 2009. In the spirit of the exhibition Nutshell: a Recent History of 1305 Gallery, the gallery will host work and publicity from 12 shows spanning 2005-2009.

Much of the work comes from the gallery's collection and will be for sale, while some work comes from my personal collection and will be on display to view only. Hit List puts works of different media, makers, and perspectives in one room not to present the work as a group, but as different contributing factions making up the aesthetic of 1305. Guests attending the opening reception will help us celebrate 4 years of shows and counting, looking back at the artists, work, and press that have made the gallery what it is today.

If you can't make it to the opening don't forget that you can stop in on your lunch hour or afternoon out between 11 and 3, Tuesday through Saturday!

Thanks for 4 years, here's to 4 more, and see you all soon!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Opening Final Friday, March 27th is "Chrysalide," an exhibition of new photographs by Camille Cier. From 6-11 pm that evening the gallery will host the artist and her work with a catered reception.

The exhibition continues through April 18th, with regular gallery hours Tuesday through Saturday from 11-3 pm.

Camille Cier graduated two years ago from "Ecole de Conde" in Lyon, France, although she has been working on the series of photographs featured in this exhibition for four years. Cier started the project as a documentary about her cousin Alma when she was 13 years old. "Qui suis je?" (who am I?) is the question teenagers continually ask themselves on the road to adulthood, and "Chrysalide" is a series that focuses on one girl's tumultuous quest to find an answer.

As the series evolves we see Alma transition from a girl not yet ready to part with her childhood to a young woman with a sense of peace and identity related to her body and her perceptions. The photographs portray Alma as a character in a story we've all played a role in. Her individual struggles and triumphs come across in a third person narrative that lets each viewer see their own face, their own identity, and their own realizations mirrored and transposed. Camille Cier photographed Alma without giving her instructions or directing her actions, they simply "walked in the places we were discovering together, letting her mind go to her girl preoccupation, her world."

Join us Final Friday to explore the work and meet the artist. Everyone will enjoy a night of good company, good food, and great art at 1305 Gallery!

See you all soon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pick a Pocket

Opening Final Friday, February 27th with a reception that evening from 6-11 pm is Pick a Pocket, an installation of new work by Andrew Neyer.
The exhibition will run through Saturday March 21st with limited hours Saturdays from 12-4, and by appointment.
Neyer has created an engaging exhibit that allows 1305 Gallery's guests to "pick-pocket" through the handmade wallets of invented characters brought to life on the gallery's walls.
The viewer enters into a dense crowd of painted figures, and after finding the one of greatest interest, or taking time to investigate each one, they are able to explore the contents of their wallet. The wallets become biographies of the figures in the installation through the varying contents. The piece provides a unique interaction with otherwise static two dimensional characters.
Each wallet contains cleverly crafted checkbooks, credit cards, money, driver's licenses and so on, inviting you as the viewer/pick-pocket to discover the identity of each character by means of the contents of their pockets. Because the characters are motionless and therefore unable to stop you from picking through their pockets, the daring of this action is balanced by an almost clinical, investigative feeling. For me it brings to mind exploring the pockets of someone who is unconscious and sure not to get up, to find out where they live or who to call. For others it could even border on fulfilling cleptomaniacal fantasies- but you must return the goods!
Please join us this Final Friday to do some pick-pocketing of your own while enjoying the neighborhood happenings and mingling with other artists and art lovers!