Friday, October 28, 2011

Brand new work by Ruth Wartman this month:

Opening Final Friday, October 28th: reception 6-11 pm is


new work by Ruth Wartman

The exhibition runs through November 21st, with regular gallery hours Thursday through Sunday from 12pm to 4pm, and by appointment.

Since graduating from the BFA program at the art Academy of Cincinnati in 2007, local artist Ruth Wartman has continued to make art prolifically. Her paintings and drawings are spellbinding and carry a sort of lovely sadness within them.
The new group of paintings and drawings she will be presenting in 1305 have been long-awaited. I first approached Ruth when she was still in school about having a show here, and it's finally come to pass.

Join us this and every Final Friday for food, drinks, artwork, a chat with the artist, and to enjoy our street and neighborhood.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Have a Little Conversation with us this month...

New News:

Opening this Friday, September 30th with a reception that evening from 6-11 pm is Little Conversations, new work by Geri Shields.

Shields' work includes whimsical paintings that reflect both her training as an illustrator and a playful interest in childlike characters in coy and somewhat awkward situations. The work is a light-hearted narrative done with a fast and precise hand; rendering soft faces and little conversations.

Exhibition continues through October 22nd, wiith regular gallery hours Thursday-Sunday: 12-4, or by appointment.


Also- Don't forget Yuletide '11 is coming up in just a couple of months and we have a few spaces left for creative cuteness or elegant handiwork- whatever your specialty is. Contact Lily with ideas, images, and interest. Deadline for submissions is Halloween! If you're already a participant in Yuletide and just need to sign your contract for this year please respond to this email ASAP to set up a meeting time!

Best & See you all soon!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Images & Objects: new work by Mike Jacobs

The exhibition runs through September 23rd with regular gallery hours Thurs-Sun 12-4 & by Appointment.

I first saw Mike Jacobs work at a gallery in Main Strasse about 6 years ago. The exhibition was comprised of multiple large, geometric, framed panels. The imagery within was flat but bold- reinvented pop iconography layered into brightly colored geometric landcapes. These landscapes themselves were encapsulated within a frame that carefully edged out the irregular shape of Jacob's panels. I was immediately jealous that he wasn't showing in my space, but also desperately wishing I had the money at the time to buy one. Since then I have loved seeing his work evolve and was so very pleased to put him on my 2011 Calendar @ 1305!

Mike Jacob's new work is recognizably of his repetoir, but shows a new method for defining the space in his 2-D pieces. The artist is using line, perspective, and color in a very strict and fundamental way to structure the surfaces. The exhibition also includes new toy sculptures by the artist which reference the characters often used in his paintings.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Future Tense by Jeff Casto

Opening Final Friday, May 27th from 6-11 pm is future tense new mixed media, sculpture, and assemblage by local artist Jeff Casto.
The exhibition will run through July 15th, with gallery hours Thursday thru Sunday: 12-4.

Jeff Casto may be a familiar name to many of you, he has been a prolific visionary in the Cincinnati art scene for many years now. His work shows constant progress with a unique sense of itself. While enjoying Casto's work over time, one may feel as though they were sifting through a personal collection of objects, elements, and sentiments- uniquely catalogued and immortalized by the artist.

I found myself wondering as I marveled at Casto's works in his studio, "where did you get all this stuff." A question that apparently I wasn't the first to ask based on the artist's response. He somewhat shyly but clearly hinted that some of the items that end up juxtaposed in his works are indeed found objects, personally collected from here or there, shops or gutters. What was truly charming in his answer was that many things were given to him by friends and acquaintances who knew his work, or simply knew of his passion for unique, adaptable trinkets. Old lockets with forgotten photos, plastic figures of every denomination, yard ornaments, jar lids, and mysterious pieces to the workings of expired machines are but a few of the inanimate populi in Casto's painted and sculpted pieces.

Jeff Casto's work is far more than a collection of misplaced objects and forms. It is methodical, melodramatic, and consists of a quiet yet lurking genius in its completion. The body of work presented for this exhibition at 1305 breeds fears of the revelation, the rapture, with our skewed imaginings of our future world. There is a din painted over the glossy mechanized universe we imagined in our youth, and the opportunities and objects we once believed the future would hold turn out to be nothing more than bits of plastic, metal, and space dust. Our world as when it used to be spoken of in future tense.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jerzy @ 1305!

Jerzy Barankiewicz
new clay works

Opening Final Friday, April 29th join us @ 1305 for a reception with the artist from 6- 11 pm.
Can't make it to the opening?- the gallery will start new regular hours Thursdays and Fridays, 12-4 & Saturdays and Sundays, 12-5.

Jerzy Barankiewicz is a San Diego via Poland transplant to Cincinnati, having moved to the Queen City 7 years ago to work as the Director of Clinical Research at the Molecular Research Center Inc., of Cincinnati.

Although he started making ceramic work 40 years ago in Poland, his career as a scientist put a halt to his artistic ventures. It was after moving here to our city that Dr. Barankiewicz started working in clay again.

His work is greatly influenced both by his own collection of clay sculpture and native crafts from around the world, and by what seems to be a natural interest in folk art. Much of his work reflects an interest in folk art made in the midwest in the 19th and 20th centuries by European immigrants and their descendants. In other bodies of Jerzy's work his interest in Native American pottery and symbolism is readily at hand.

Somehow despite what would seem to be an intensely busy and focused career, Jerzy, or Jurek as he is often called, finds time to be a prolific and visionary clay artist. He is a joy to be around, both charismatic and accented, and my only complaint would be that he has simply too much good work to choose from! It is a real pleasure to have Jerzy Barankiewicz and his amazing clay work in the gallery for the 6th anniversary of openings at 1305 Gallery.