Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Images & Objects: new work by Mike Jacobs

The exhibition runs through September 23rd with regular gallery hours Thurs-Sun 12-4 & by Appointment.

I first saw Mike Jacobs work at a gallery in Main Strasse about 6 years ago. The exhibition was comprised of multiple large, geometric, framed panels. The imagery within was flat but bold- reinvented pop iconography layered into brightly colored geometric landcapes. These landscapes themselves were encapsulated within a frame that carefully edged out the irregular shape of Jacob's panels. I was immediately jealous that he wasn't showing in my space, but also desperately wishing I had the money at the time to buy one. Since then I have loved seeing his work evolve and was so very pleased to put him on my 2011 Calendar @ 1305!

Mike Jacob's new work is recognizably of his repetoir, but shows a new method for defining the space in his 2-D pieces. The artist is using line, perspective, and color in a very strict and fundamental way to structure the surfaces. The exhibition also includes new toy sculptures by the artist which reference the characters often used in his paintings.

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