Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Requiem @ 1305

image from: "Missing Figures," 2008

Opening Final Friday, October 31st, with a catered reception that evening from 6-11, is "Requiem," new work by Christopher Hoeting. The exhibition continues through November 22nd, with regular gallery hours from 11-3, Tuesday- Saturday.

Christopher Hoeting is a local artist working out of a studio in Brighton, in the west end of OTR. His recent work focuses on themes of loss, death, emptiness, and removal. His work is brilliantly executed through the use of negative and positive acrylic and resin transfers of imagery related to these themes, which are often very personal.
Through his process we sometimes get a negative, clean-but dissolved image that shows us a distorted scene from the past. Colors and figures are blurred and altered. Images overlap and often disappear on the surface. The positive transfers lay within heavy layers of acrylic and/or resin. The thick, almost skin-like masks that the dried layers leave are then mounted on canvas or panels. Hoeting often allows these think but translucent materials to be mounted in ways that allow light to pass through, revealing the density and complexity of the media and imagery. Some of the work derives directly from the actual pieces of material used, which the artist builds and layers in abstract and, relative to the majority of his work, simple sculptural paintings.
These different applications allow the viewer deeper insight into both Hoeting's process and the content of his work. The result is an entrancing mixture of recollections, dissections, and loose or lost feelings. The work is emotionally and materially captivating, a requiem, a song for something past that is very well tuned for this exhibition.

Please join us on Final Friday October 31st for a chance to meet the artist and see his work first! There will be plenty of autumnal treats and costumes are welcome!

The current exhibition, "Inherent," ends this Saturday, so if you haven't made it down yet you still have a few days!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Yuletide Call for Entries

Hey Everyone!

I am organizing the list of participants for this years Christmas show of "gift art!" The exhibition will open Final Friday November 28th, and run through Christmas Eve day.
The format will be the same as in the past, with hopefully some new participants and lots of people returning to participate again. The show will be installed the week before Final Friday, Sunday-Thursday (December 23rd- 27th).
If you need more detailed information about what's expected in terms of work let me know, if you've participated in the past but want to do something completely different and need to run it by me please email or call too. I'll send a contract to anyone who decides to participate after I've got everyone listed.
If anyone knows people who might be interested or seem to fit the bill please forward them this email or my contact info as I'm always looking to expand the type of work and the people involved from year to year!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Inherent @ 1305

Opening Final Friday, September 26th is "Inherent," an exhibition of new work by Lily Mulberry. The exhibition will be in the gallery through October 25th, with a catered reception from 6-11 pm on September 26th. Regular gallery hours are Tuesday- Saturday, 11-3 pm for the run of the show.

My new work has been in process over the last year, one which has included immense changes for my family and I. The work reflects on familial relationships and dynamics. It confronts the challenge of building and maintaining a family, the difficulties of uniting separate and distinct individuals and keeping them together. Sometimes as is life it reflects on letting them go, whether because of death or physical separation. In the same way the work looks into the hopes, mysteries, and expectations that coincide with gaining new family members, whether newly born or through marriage or strong relationships. What things are inherent within the individual because of geneology, and what things can unite you to a family member to which you have no blood ties?

I chose to dedicate a large group of work in the exhibition to working out my ideas on finished wood surfaces. The grain of the wood dictates the composition in many of these pieces, and images move in and out of the grain. The peacefullness and natural pattern of the wood surface allowed me to softly illustrate figures and images derived from my perception of relationships and individuals. Often in the work darker ideas are masked with bright colors and fictional representations of individuals.

Another group of pieces in the show includes nontraditional surfaces as well as wood panels. They are more heavily worked and dense. The ideas and images start to overlap and become thick with meaning, though often without answers. These works in their materials are more reminiscent of my previous work.

We'll be here Final Friday, September 26th with lots of food and drinks, and maybe even some family!

Information will also be available that evening regarding participation in the third annual "Yuletide" exhibition this holiday season! We are now accepting applications! Stop by or email for more info...

Lily Mulberry, Director
1305 Gallery
1305 Main St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Rainbow Park" @ 1305

Opening Final Friday, May 30th with a reception that evening from 6-11 pm is "Rainbow Park," an exhibition of paintings from Minneapolis based artist Georgia Mrazkova. Her work will be in the gallery through June 21st, with regular gallery hours Tuesday- Saturday, 11-3.

Georgia's work is filled with fantasy, enchantment, and a sense of the surreal communication that occurs between the world we know and that which we call "nature." Colors and spaces float and stream together, sometimes puddling up and even dripping down the canvas. Within the bright palette of her paintings you find animals and trees, skys and clouds, and imaginary color-filled voids in between. The pieces themselves seem to be alive, the wind is blowing, the figures are turning.

I was attracted to Mrazkova's work instantly. It is both playful and sublime, there is a soft innocence in the characters she portrays that is offset by the distance you as a viewer feel from their worlds. The division that we have created between the world of "man" and that of "nature" starts to get to you when looking at these beautiful, serene, and magical scenes. I thought it would be a great show for the start of summer, the time when we make our own small attempts to unravel the mysteries of nature.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Collision @ 1305!

Opening Final Friday, April 25th is "Collision," an exhibition of new work by Herb Reith. After a reception that evening the show will run through May 24th with regular gallery hours Tuesday through Saturday from 11-3.

Herb and I first met when he was doing work for his MFA at the University of Cincinnati back in 2002. With our studios across the hall from each other it was easy to share dialogue about artwork, weird collection obsessions, kitsch, music, and what contemporary pop junk can lend to a commentary on the way we live today. The work he did and still does outside of installation work consists primarily of cloth/painting collages that hang like works on canvas.

The themes within his work are drawn from landscape and comic-like imagery. The landscapes take shape through camouflage backgrounds, or repetitive forms both isolated and strewn across a piece of cloth. The discussion takes place through painted and collaged forms that occupy these patterned landscapes, working toward what Reith calls "a more abstract investigation of human's impact on the environment." The title "Collision" reminds us of what can be so unnatural about our lives here on this planet colliding with the natural world. There is a playful irony to many of the pieces, and they don't stick out as socially ambiguous. They are textural, rhythmic, and alive.

Please join us Final Friday for a visit with the artist and his work. He's coming all the way up from Mississippi for the opening, and hopefully this good weather will be with us!

See you all soon!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Leisure & Concern

"Leisure & Concern," an exhibition of new work by lori Larusso, will be opening this coming Final Friday, February 29th @ 1305 Gallery!

Exhibition dates are February 29th- April 19th, including an opening reception with the artist February 29th from 6-11 pm, and a second opening March 28th 6-11 pm. Gallery hours Tuesday through Saturday, 11-3.

1305 is lucky to be able to host the artist and her work for the second time, and now she's much closer to home! After finishing a residency this summer at the Bemis Center in Omaho, Nebraska, Larusso moved to Richmond, Kentucky. Now we expect to see her work at more regional galleries and exhibits which is a real treat!
"Leisure & Concern" as a title for her show belies the two-sided nature of her work. Some pieces seem to soak and saturate the viewer with a sweet, soft, enchanting domestic ecstacy that reminds us of the time of leisure suits and martini lunches. Other pieces speak directly to heavy and relevant undercurrents in our daily "progress" as a society. Suburban sprawl, domestic violence, and social struggles undermine smooth panels of perfectly painted kitchens, neighborhoods, and environments. Often the two sides are so integral to each other that they appear in every piece, latently behind layers of icing and frill.

For more info and images please visit the blog or email! Details below!

Come join us Final Friday, Leap Day, for artwork and company that you shouldn't have to wait seven years for...
And if you miss that opening don't forget the second one March 28th!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Backyard @ 1305!

Opening Final Friday January 25th with a reception from 6-11 pm is "Backyard," an exhibition of photographs by Rachel Girard Reisert. All works are pigmented Ultrachrome inkjet prints on Moab Entrada natural white paper in poplar frames.
The exhibition continues through February 23rd, with regular gallery hours Tuesday- Saturday, 11-3, or by appointment.

Throughout the seasons of one year in Tempe, Arizona, Reisert ventured into the backyards of friends and aquaintances bearing witness to those things which resided therein. Rachel's photographs take shape in these backyards, which the artist identifies as "microcosms for the larger world." Mimicking the cycles of life and death that occur and have always occurred in the world, the subjects of her photographs are suspended in some part of that cycle. As is often the case, what appears to be death can actually be the start of new life, or vise versa.

Light and focus are in constant interplay in each piece. The viewer is drawn in like taking a deep breath or viewing something under a microscope, but then suddenly your focus changes and the objects fade and blur. The pieces seem to have their own rhythm in this way, back and forth, in and out, fast then slow, and etc.

In the heart of our frozen city Rachel Girard Reisert has put together an exhibition which can help us acknowledge the essential changes which take place even in the still and cold. What needs to happen between the decay of fall and the rise of spring in order for nature and our own lives as human beings to keep their course? Maybe we need to look a little closer to home for the answers. You might not even have to leave your own backyard...

Please come join us for warm company, good food, and great art this Final Friday on Main Street in OTR!