Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Requiem @ 1305

image from: "Missing Figures," 2008

Opening Final Friday, October 31st, with a catered reception that evening from 6-11, is "Requiem," new work by Christopher Hoeting. The exhibition continues through November 22nd, with regular gallery hours from 11-3, Tuesday- Saturday.

Christopher Hoeting is a local artist working out of a studio in Brighton, in the west end of OTR. His recent work focuses on themes of loss, death, emptiness, and removal. His work is brilliantly executed through the use of negative and positive acrylic and resin transfers of imagery related to these themes, which are often very personal.
Through his process we sometimes get a negative, clean-but dissolved image that shows us a distorted scene from the past. Colors and figures are blurred and altered. Images overlap and often disappear on the surface. The positive transfers lay within heavy layers of acrylic and/or resin. The thick, almost skin-like masks that the dried layers leave are then mounted on canvas or panels. Hoeting often allows these think but translucent materials to be mounted in ways that allow light to pass through, revealing the density and complexity of the media and imagery. Some of the work derives directly from the actual pieces of material used, which the artist builds and layers in abstract and, relative to the majority of his work, simple sculptural paintings.
These different applications allow the viewer deeper insight into both Hoeting's process and the content of his work. The result is an entrancing mixture of recollections, dissections, and loose or lost feelings. The work is emotionally and materially captivating, a requiem, a song for something past that is very well tuned for this exhibition.

Please join us on Final Friday October 31st for a chance to meet the artist and see his work first! There will be plenty of autumnal treats and costumes are welcome!

The current exhibition, "Inherent," ends this Saturday, so if you haven't made it down yet you still have a few days!

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