Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Inherent @ 1305

Opening Final Friday, September 26th is "Inherent," an exhibition of new work by Lily Mulberry. The exhibition will be in the gallery through October 25th, with a catered reception from 6-11 pm on September 26th. Regular gallery hours are Tuesday- Saturday, 11-3 pm for the run of the show.

My new work has been in process over the last year, one which has included immense changes for my family and I. The work reflects on familial relationships and dynamics. It confronts the challenge of building and maintaining a family, the difficulties of uniting separate and distinct individuals and keeping them together. Sometimes as is life it reflects on letting them go, whether because of death or physical separation. In the same way the work looks into the hopes, mysteries, and expectations that coincide with gaining new family members, whether newly born or through marriage or strong relationships. What things are inherent within the individual because of geneology, and what things can unite you to a family member to which you have no blood ties?

I chose to dedicate a large group of work in the exhibition to working out my ideas on finished wood surfaces. The grain of the wood dictates the composition in many of these pieces, and images move in and out of the grain. The peacefullness and natural pattern of the wood surface allowed me to softly illustrate figures and images derived from my perception of relationships and individuals. Often in the work darker ideas are masked with bright colors and fictional representations of individuals.

Another group of pieces in the show includes nontraditional surfaces as well as wood panels. They are more heavily worked and dense. The ideas and images start to overlap and become thick with meaning, though often without answers. These works in their materials are more reminiscent of my previous work.

We'll be here Final Friday, September 26th with lots of food and drinks, and maybe even some family!

Information will also be available that evening regarding participation in the third annual "Yuletide" exhibition this holiday season! We are now accepting applications! Stop by or email for more info...

Lily Mulberry, Director
1305 Gallery
1305 Main St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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