Saturday, April 22, 2006

"rivers within" @ 1305

Final Friday April 28th marks our One Year Anniversary at 1305 Gallery, so we're going to celebrate with a great opening! This time last year the first ever exhibition at the gallery, "Tide" included work by myself, Lily Mulberry, created specifically for the opening. "rivers within" is a body of work I created to mark the anniversary while reflecting on one year past and what's to come.

Because at 1305 it's important that our audience understands the rudimentary nature of the gallery and it's operation in order to visualize our goals, this exhibition reflects on the interconnectivity of the body, the brain, and the eventual output. One person's capabilities are the result of the innerworkings of the body corresponding with the brain's direction and the physical limitations of the environment. Through this body of work I hope to expose the essential nature of being animal, spiritual, and human that does not always reveal itself in contemporary art and culture. The rivers within are the conduits of blood, spirit, energy, and thought that somehow continue to work together to allow the individual to make an impression on their world, to build and to grow. These can also be destructive forces, mirroring the destructive natural forces that have changed our physical world in the last year.

On Friday there will be food, music, paintings, and conversation. Please come celebrate with me and everyone who has helped bring 1305 to this point. Funk and Soul records spun by Chris Burgan start a little before 10, but the opening starts at 6.
See you there!

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