Monday, September 18, 2006

Tent Rocks

Opening Final Friday, September 29th is "Tent Rocks," an exhibition of quilted works by local artist Briana Smith based on the naturally painted landscape of the Tent Rocks National Monument. The gallery will be hosting the artist and her work, along with great food and refreshments from 6-11 pm on the 29th.

The exhibition runs from September 29th- October 22nd, with a closing reception that evening from 7-9pm. The gallery will be open as usual from 11am - 3pm, Tuesday through Saturday for the length of the exhibition, and will also be open for Second Sundays on Main, October 8th from 12-5.

About the Exhibition:
These quilts are rich and dense with layers of colors and materials. Whether the piece is smaller and mounts as though a painting, or as large, vast, and rich as a quilt, Smith works each one with precision and a very real respect for the craft. The pieces are however nontraditional in the realm of quilts, using the medium to articulate the undulations and layers of this landscape. Through the fabric and thread, the different colors and depths of the landscape flow in and out, over and under. The never ending skys of the American West are serene and mysterious layers of gauze and painted fabric. The prehistoric formations of seemingly painted rocks are personified by intercepting strips and pieces of cloth that continuously interweave. They are brought together by the meticulous work of the thread, unifying them into collossal feats of nature and artistry.

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