Thursday, January 25, 2007

Associations @ 1305!

Opening Final Friday January 26th with a reception from 6-11 pm is "Associations: Ted Lind & Scott Boberg." Exhibition runs through February 18th, closing that evening from 7-9 pm. Gallery hours are Tues- Sat from 11-3 during exhibition dates.

These two artists appproached the gallery with an idea to exhibit their work together based on the presumption that the two bodies of work would create a unique and profound dialogue when in the same space. The current created by their work was so interesting that the exhibition seemed to be the perfect season-opener for 2007. "Associations" is an exhibit of work by two Curators of Education, Scott Boberg from the Cincinnati CAC, and Ted Lind from the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Scott Boberg presents a series of illuminated book pages along with completely illuminated books. The delicate and temporal nature of his media carry references to the very origins of record keeping, documentation, illustration, & narration. As Boberg manipulates the printed medium to retell a story at once universal and specific, as a viewer you the get the sense that he hasn't done this for himself, but for the reader/viewer. The books are like monumental epics, insanely detailed and precise, the framed pages like a microscopic piece that anyone could take away with them.

Ted Lind showcases paintings on panel that seem to be informed by almost a hundred years of abstract painting. Knowing his background as a museum curator one can believe that they actually are. Beware not to immediately cast them off as the anachronistic work of a heavily studied disciple, because Lind's paintings are immediately engrossing and beautiful. The colors and forms are so carefully woven into their mysterious lanscapes that one feels immediately the climate, time, and place of each piece.

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