Saturday, October 20, 2007

Michael Stillion's "Man-Made"

Opening Final Friday, October 26th with a reception that evening from 6-11 pm is "Man-Made:" an exhibition of new work by Michael Stillion. The exhibition runs through November 24th, with regular gallery hours Tues- Sat 11-3.

Presenting a recently completed body of work, much of which was made during his graduate studies at Indiana University, Michael Stillion brings a show of evolution and deconstruction to the fall season at 1305.
Within his paintings and paper collages there is an immediate sense that objects hold no fixed place, that they are in a constant state of coming together and falling apart. Huts and space stations break down into boards bricks, panels, and lights. Spaces where one might live in a world devoid even momentarily of gravity and natural laws construct themselves in midair.
There is a balance in the paintings between Stillion's loose, free, and expressive use of the medium and the tighly rendered and controlled objects that struggle to make up some undefineable construct. They are playful and inviting, while encasing an ever present sense of "obsession and nervousness."
In the same way the delicate paper assemblages behind glass seem like tiny fragile specimens or pieces of places or things which you can't quite put your finger on.
Stillion's work transports you to an invented space, something both otherworldly and extremely familiar. Like standing in the middle of a corn field looking up at the stars- you feel pulled between the seemingly mundane and the supernatural.

Stop down Final Friday, October 26th for a chance to meet Michael and see his work before anyone else! With Halloween events and holiday goings-on that evening, it will make a perfect whimsical beginning, addition, or end to your festivities! Remember there's always good company and great art in a beautiful neighborhood when you come to Final Friday!

See you there!

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