Saturday, January 05, 2013

Philip LaVelle @ 1305

Gleaming the Cube

spray paint, inkjet prints, and acrylic medium on panel, 24" x 24"

Philip LaVelle

new work

January 25th- February 17th

 gallery hours: thurs-sun 12-4 & by appointment  

Time Travel is Lonely

spray paint, inkjet Prints,  and acrylic medium on panel, 12" x 24"

Where We Will Be Tomorrow

spray paint, inkjet prints, acrylic medium on panel, 29" x 39"

Philip LaVelle creates mixed media paintings out of a residential studio on Court Street in downtown Cincinnati. His work has an urban, contemporary feel fused with a conceptual shift which mirrors our changing culture, both here in Cincinnati and in 2013 worldwide.
The paintings are created with dense layers of spray paint, collage, and clear gloss acrylic medium. They have a visual depth that is both literal and conceptual. He creates landscapes and structures in his work that seem at first tangible but shift continuously before the viewer's eye into more virtual constructs. 
We are reminded of how comfortable society has become with viewing our lives and our world through screens, pixels, projections, and digitally-rendered appropriations. We have become infinitely distanced from our everyday lives, while we experience the feeling of being continuously more networked and connected. 
One does not get a sense of judgement on these modalities from Lavelle's work, but rather that he has found a way to use the media and the surfaces in his artwork to interpret and render his experience of this virtual phenomena. It is then made immediate, real, and first hand- but you have to come see the work in person to truly understand what I'm describing! In the mean time you can visit the blog or facebook page for more images- see below.

Dated Electronic Music and the Air When You Realize it's Fall

spray paint, inkjet prints, acrylic medium on panel, 11.75" x 10.75"

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