Monday, May 20, 2013

Fruth's "Not That Simple" @1305

Opening Final Friday, May 31st, with an Artist Reception that evening from 6-11 pm is:

Not That Simple

new sculpture by
Rich Fruth

May 31st- June 23rd, 2013

Gallery Hours, Tues- Sat: 12-4

Local sculptor Rich Fruth has been an educator, a hard working Cincinnati artist, and a friend to 1305 Gallery for years. We are so pleased to finally have an exhibition of his deft and lovely sculptural work. 

The otherwordly landscapes and orbs Fruth crafts from mostly wood and bronze appear at first as funny and oddly placed road stops in some vintage tableau of the future. Showing us floating chunks of earth and its sparse, displaced inhabitants after some great epoch. A constrained but often bright palette, smoothed wood surfaces inhabited by crude bronze figures, and the tense, clenched gesture at gravity and the abyss beyond signify Fruth's more well known work.

In some of the newer pieces in Not That Simple, Fruth adds more abstract, geometric, and raw wood compositional elements. Answers to the questions posed by the figures in their narrative little ephemeres are not so easily derived. The fear of loneliness and abandon juxtaposed against an apathy toward survival and frustration with the living are now revived themes. There is something more to this dark comedy, something the new compositional elements aid in giving ground to. Strangely these often compass-like elements due more to confuse what role gravity should play in Fruth's work, while helping to suspend and prolong the often perilous scenes.

Come out this Final Friday to meet the artist and enjoy our continued celebration of eight great years at 1305 Main Street. This is yet another "don't miss" exhibition!

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