Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Camille Cier Update

On Friday August 6th and on that day only, the French photographer Camille Cier will present her last work on abandoned houses named “ABANDON”.
After her work on the poem of Henri Michaud “Le Grand Combat” which was almost abstract, Camille is coming back to the documentary form to illustrate the empty and abandoned places and the past life that these places are still carrying.
After 3 years in Cincinnati and her work shown in galleries (1305 Gallery and Marx Gallerie) and in shops (MICA, Nvision or Elgin Retro), Camille Cier will leave the city at the end of August for a year travelling around the world. Before leaving, Camille will show her very last work that she did in abandoned houses of the Smoky Mountains.
This will be a one-day show only in an empty place on Vine street (1216 Vine street, next door to the Senate restaurant). It’s Friday from 5 to 10pm.

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