Friday, September 17, 2010

twenty three @ 1305

Opening Final Friday, September 24th with an reception from 6-11 pm is: twenty three, painting, photography and installation by Chad Sines.

Calling Cincinnati home now, and formerly from Newark, Ohio, Sines reflects upon our city's struggle to understand itself through different media in the first show of our fall/winter season @ 1305.

Twenty three is an exhibition about identity in an urban community. Diaspora in inner cities and culture clashes is not only felt but seen. Portraits of our city are drawn out line by line over time on the sides of buildings, strung across busy streets, and echo within the hallowed halls of vacant buildings.

The lack of understanding between people in the same block, same street, and same culture creates feelings of adversity- adversity perpetuated often by class divisions. The feeling of a need to rescue something that might not need rescuing victimizes the city. Who are the perpetrators then if the city is the victim?

Progress is often defined solely by commercial investment, property value, and demographics. Moving the "problem" out of the city. Displacing people- buildings that housed 50 people housing less than 10. Thinking that a city is something other than a collection of people, that the parts are interchangeable.

Respect for oneself and where one came from must coexist with respect for other individuals in a community. Taking ownership of who you are and where you live while respecting who you share that space with and who occupied it before you is difficult. A city that feels sorry for itself and feels as though it needs redemption is one that is not looking honestly into its past, present, or future. How can art help social change in this way? What does the human condition in our cities look like? How do we make our mark in the world?

If you're a bit lost on the subject you need to come see this show. Chad Sines' exhibition twenty three is one person's attempt to ask these questions in a way that will translate visually.

The artist will also offer prints for sale to benefit at-risk youth in the city of Cincinnati.

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